Terms and conditions "Château La Borie"

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Please find hereunder an abstract translated of « Conditions Générales de Ventes - Conditions Particulières - Shop» that represent specifiq Terms and Conditions for this Shop. Being a French company it is the French version of « Conditions Générales de Ventes » that is the only valid text.

We suggest that if anything would need sort of explanation please feel free to contact us by mail or phone.

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1) Delivery troubles.

- Whenever you encounter a problem with the delivery you have to write down the restrictions on the paper work of the forwarder. If you receive a parcel destroyed, opened, or if you feel that the delivery is not in accordance with your order, you should be better of to refuse the delivery.

- You have to get in touch with the Shop (Button Contact in the right hand side column).

- You have to get in touch with VWS (Button Contact in the horizontal grey banner).

2) Delivery Costs

2–1 Free Delivery for 36 bottles and more.

2–2 For deliveries of 1 to 30 Bottles per bottle costs are 1 Euro VAT included.

2-3 For each Sample costs are 3 Euro VAT included.