Magnum Côtes du Rhône, 2014, 150 cl

The Magnum, a 150 cl bottle, the equivalent of two 75 cl bottles, is a festive bottle to be shared among family or friends. The Magnum is the first size in the large bottles for optimal preservation of wine.
 In this estate you will also find Jeroboams, a legendary bottle, but one that is not ideal for travelling.
 (Not all vintages result in the making of Magnums and/or Jeroboams.)

(N.B., the photo represents Magnums with a wax capsule, replaced by a tin capsule in recent vintages)

Terms of Delivery

Delivery by Post
For 1 Magnum, 15 Euros postage
For 2 Magnums, 18 Euros postage
For 3 Magnums, 21 Euros postage
Individual packaging in polystyrene is included in the price of the wines.

Pallet deliveries

Delivery on a pallet is offered at a price of € 99 – flat rate.
Orders of € 799 or more are delivered FREE OF CHARGE.
The Pallet can support 3 to 4 rows.

For orders less than € 799 - Do not forget to add to your order the ITEM PALLET (without it your order would not be complete).

Château La Borie - Magnum - Côtes du Rhône - 150cl - France - © Babeth Montagnier
21,00 €


Global rating :
2 rating(s) 2 comment(s)
5/5 Annelise
Depuis qu'on découvert les vins du Château La Borie, on en prend à chaque salon.
Bien évidemment, comme les vins s'invitent tous seuls à table, pas facile de résister...
4/5 Eric
C'est la 'magie' du contenant plus la bouteille des grandes occasions.
On devrait tous avoir quelques Magnums au fond de sa cave.
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