Le Rosé 5L, Cuvée Alix, BiB 5L

Total AOC surface area: approximately 3-4 hectares
 Very stony Marly Clay soils.
 Fermentation in temperature-controlled concrete tanks with a wine-water heat exchanger.

Colour: Particularly appealing hue,
 Nose: An extremely delicate nose,
 Palate: Fresh in the mouth, with some melted tannins.

To be served between 6 and 10°C
 To be enjoyed with your meals served in the sunshine.

Post Delivery :
 - The delivery cost for orders of 6 bottles is 3 euros per bottle inc. tax.
- The delivery cost for orders of 12 bottles is 2 euros per bottle inc. tax.
To ensure a quality transport an individual polystyrene package for each bottle is included in the price of the bottle.

Pallet Deliveries

Delivery on Pallett is mandatory for BiBs.

The BiBs should be consumed within 3 or 4 months from the date of delivery.
Once opened a BiB should be consumed within 10 days of its opening.

Delivery on a pallet is offered at a price of € 99 – flat rate.
Orders of € 799 or more are delivered FREE OF CHARGE.

The Pallet can support 3 to 4 rows.

For orders les than € 799 - Do not forget to add to your order the ITEM PALLET (without it your order would not be complete).

Chateau La Borie Vin Rouge Rhone BiB Fontaine-a-vin AOC Cote-du-Rhone - ©Babeth Montagnier
30,00 €


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